Definition of chaulmoogra in US English:



  • 1A tropical Asian evergreen tree with narrow leathery leaves and oil-rich seeds.

    Genus Hydnocarpus, family Flacourtiaceae: several species, in particular H. kurzii, a principal source of the oil

    • ‘Finally, an expedition sent by the United States found the chaulmoogra tree in the forests of Burma.’
    • ‘Chaulmoogra was later identified as a source of chaulmoogra oil, an age-old leprosy treatment.’
    • ‘The chaulmoogra tree also featured on a Fiji stamp of 1970 in honour of the closing of the hospital’
    • ‘Tropical chaulmoogra oil comes from the expressed oil of seeds of the chaulmoogra tree.’
    1. 1.1 The oil obtained from the seeds of the chaulmoogra tree. It is used medically and as a preservative, and was formerly used in the treatment of leprosy.
      • ‘In the 12th century AD, chaulmoogra oil was imported into China from Cambodia - the native home of the tree from which it is derived.’
      • ‘One of the standard treatments for leprosy has been to inject ethyl-esters of chaulmoogra oil into a muscle with a large bore syringe.’
      • ‘Drugs are being made that have the same effect as chaulmoogra oil.’
      • ‘This form of treatment was adopted by Dr Durack in Western Australia, who treated him with chaulmoogra oil by mouth.’
      • ‘Until the advent of sulpha-based drugs, chaulmoogra oil was acknowledged by the international scientific community to be the only medicine known to Western medical science that was effective in treating the disease.’


Early 19th century: from Bengali cāul-mugrā.