Definition of chasten in English:



  • 1 (of a reproof or misfortune) have a restraining or moderating effect on.

    ‘the director was somewhat chastened by his recent flops’
    ‘a chastening experience’
    • ‘Is he in any way chastened by this experience do you think?’
    • ‘Officials, instead of being chastened, were indignant.’
    • ‘We all left somewhat chastened by the moving experience and the realization of how fortunate we have been.’
    • ‘It's an attitude that put him behind bars for a short period, not apparently an experience that chastened him.’
    • ‘The French president was chastened by the recent defeat of his European constitution referendum initiative.’
    • ‘The entire experience was frightening and chastening for the bourgeoisie.’
    • ‘I walk from the pitch as humiliated as I am chastened.’
    • ‘No doubt the school will feel suitably chastened by her absence.’
    • ‘Segal is suitably chastened after last week's events.’
    • ‘In this way the ships captain kept a tight rein on his men and when the ship set sail it was with a suitably chastened crew, or so the Captain thought.’
    • ‘The most chastening passage in the book concerns a woman called Lisl Auman.’
    • ‘The wisdom traditionally associated with age has to do with our limitations, with being chastened by experience.’
    • ‘Slightly chastened by the experience, Ganesh finds himself saddled with an old, sick couple looking for a hospital, who have been abandoned by fellow villagers.’
    • ‘Perhaps chastened by the experience, and certainly restricted by a hung council, Labour have subsequently become more conciliatory.’
    • ‘First, I'm constantly impressed by the email I receive, and I'm chastened to be reminded of the things I forget to think about.’
    • ‘But, while chastened by the experience, he also draws strength from it.’
    • ‘Suitably chastened, may I humbly entreat him to, unambiguously and without obfuscation, answer a few pertinent questions?’
    • ‘Have the media been chastened in any way by that experience?’
    • ‘After the blackout of August 14, 2003, all of us in Ontario seemed suitably chastened in our attitudes towards electricity usage.’
    • ‘But he'll probably be well chastened, I suppose.’
    subdue, humble, cow, squash, deflate, flatten, bring down, bring low, take down a peg or two, humiliate, mortify
    restrain, tame, curb, check
    cut down to size, put down, put someone in their place, settle someone's hash
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    1. 1.1archaic (especially of God) discipline; punish.
      • ‘With the loss of so many illusions at once I cannot remember when I have felt so vulnerable or chastened, but neither can I remember when I have felt so alive.’
      • ‘A number of times in Scripture when addressing the Jews, God chastened them for not obeying His Word.’
      • ‘God Himself is said to use this method: those whom He loves, He chastens, even perhaps with the prospect of death.’
      penalize, discipline, mete out punishment to, bring someone to book, teach someone a lesson, make an example of
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Early 16th century: from an obsolete verb chaste, from Old French chastier, from Latin castigare castigate from castus morally pure, chaste.