Definition of chaste tree in US English:

chaste tree


  • A southern European shrub with blue or white flowers, grown as an ornamental. It is also highly valued for its dark purple berries, which yield medicinal preparations used to treat gynecological conditions.

    "Vitex agnus-castus", family "Verbenaceae"

    Also called vitex
    • ‘Some of the herbs that are listed as ingredients include damiana, chaste tree, black cohosh and saw palmetto.’
    • ‘In a double-blind study published in the British Medical Journal last year, irritability and bloating decreased twice as much in women taking chaste tree as in a placebo group.’
    • ‘I have a chaste tree with a nice full shape, but the upper limbs seem spindly, and they all lean in one direction.’
    • ‘Eating a whole foods diet, trying acupuncture, and taking herbs like chaste tree (Virex agnus-castus) may, after several months, ease symptoms.’


Mid 16th century: so named because of its association with chastity in sacrifices to Ceres.