Definition of charr in English:


(also char)


  • variant spelling of char
    • ‘Add the Arctic char to the oil and maintain the temperature, adjusting the heat as necessary.’
    • ‘It shows a man holding up the earth, with an Arctic char and a wolf against a backdrop of the northern lights.’
    • ‘All chars except lake trout are recorded as arctic char, which, as far as is known, do not occur in the area.’
    • ‘The Arctic char are one of Ireland's most ancient and therefore most native freshwater fish species.’
    • ‘Trout, char, halibut and now cod are all being successfully farmed.’
    • ‘A warmer Arctic could increase the number of some species, such as Arctic char, a fish.’
    • ‘A brook trout according to my literature is a char.’
    • ‘I fished for char on Arctic land and cooked it by burning blueberry twigs with the fish on a stone inside.’
    • ‘This lure, now housed in a Cumbrian museum, is thought to have been used to fish for the elusive char that is renown in the Lake District.’
    • ‘And, if you dip a fishing rod into any one of their famous fish farms, you're likely to land a very fat salmon or char.’
    • ‘The co-existence of pike, char, salmon and trout is well documented.’
    • ‘The largest lake trout, known as ferox, become almost solely fish eaters, following the huge shoals of artic charr found in the huge ice-age lakes of Northern England and Scotland.’
    • ‘The arctic char is distantly related to salmon, and like salmon its meat is dense and rich.’
    • ‘By the end of the day, he had six, a mixture of char and trout.’
    • ‘Several characteristics differentiate them and likewise all of the char.’
    • ‘Other companions included Arctic char, plaice and sea scorpions, which followed us around inquisitively wherever we roamed.’


Mid 17th century: perhaps of Celtic origin.