Definition of charmless in US English:



  • Unattractive or unpleasant.

    • ‘I'd also like to note how much I'm enjoying watching two intelligent, hardworking, and largely honourable people do charmless politics.’
    • ‘Her father was a brute - let us not mince words - one of those charmless chaps who thinks the whole world is marching out of step, bar him.’
    • ‘This was a wise attitude, because they are, to be frank, charmless.’
    • ‘He is certainly deeply charmless, but how deliberate is that?’
    • ‘Such perverse behaviour prompted calls for the group to be awarded the title of ‘the most charmless in rock’, so it's with a heavy heart that I trudge along London's Caledonian Road to meet them.’
    • ‘Buildings were dilapidated, stained, and charmless, except for the magnificent churches which, small or large, were made warmly inviting by their many icons and lit candles.’
    • ‘The majority of schools in the 1970s and 1980s still had some prefabricated buildings - cold, draughty, charmless boxes that always felt empty.’
    • ‘Even as you drive past you wish you had brought your chainsaw along to clear away the charmless green fuzz that inhibits sight of the lovely bay.’
    • ‘While we are aware of the tension that keeps Jake and his crew one step ahead of both the criminals and the cops, the physical nature of the job is pretty charmless.’
    • ‘We elevate charmless, self-obsessed artists with bloated egos to the status of cultural icons just because they can carry a tune.’
    • ‘Future political analysts will wonder how this cold, charmless, gormless man ever became the nominee of a major party.’
    • ‘Some of Richards's work smacks of the laboratory, and isn't helped by his charmless, bloodless prose style, laced as it is with briskly self-satisfied flourishes which his opponents saw as insufferable arrogance.’
    • ‘Paul is a stateless kind of chap, born in France but not belonging there since his mother brought him as a child to Australia with her second, charmless, Dutch husband.’
    • ‘The interiors had the charmless elegance of upscale hotel suites.’
    • ‘Cue consternation all round at this charmless display.’
    • ‘You never forget that he is giving a performance and rarely overcome the fact that he plays such a selfish, charmless character.’
    • ‘Instead we tag along with this charmless duo from one tense standoff to another, learning too little about the characters to give gravity to the tragic ending that awaits.’
    • ‘The book ends with a moving scene between Birkin and the vicar's wife, both of them in love and both unable to confess it, he because of paralysing shyness and she out of a sense of duty to her charmless husband.’
    • ‘Johanna, a charmless middle-aged woman is sending furniture to a man she's been corresponding with and who she believes is intending to marry her.’
    • ‘We are supposed to think that they're adorably life-affirming, unreconstructed old scamps, but I have never seen a more charmless and conceited bunch.’