Definition of charitably in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to the assistance of those in need.

    ‘legal advisers who are publicly or charitably funded’
    ‘an estate tax on a charitably bequeathed asset’
    • ‘The meat slaughtered at the festival should be offered charitably to the poor.’
    • ‘We wish to thank all the individuals and organizations who charitably financed the project.’
    • ‘There are a lot of rich people in this city, and they've damn well got to contribute more charitably.’
    • ‘Inward-looking and mostly destitute, they rely on money sent charitably from the community.’
    • ‘I think we can assume that most people and small businesses give charitably out of genuine concern and care.’
    • ‘As the enormity of the disaster became apparent to people up here, many have responded quite charitably.’
    • ‘The philosopher Hobbs thought that whenever we give to others charitably, actually what we're really doing is showing off.’
    • ‘The Republican front-runner claimed that he gave away 13 percent of his income charitably.’
    • ‘Many organizations have charitably supported us, but with our increasing membership, the need of assistance is steadily increasing.’
    • ‘There are opportunities to give charitably through the program, either by funding shares for low-income families or by donating shares to local food banks.’
    1. 1.1 In a generous way toward those in need.
      ‘he was a very charitably disposed person’
      • ‘Charitably minded farmers will often reduce their tax bill if they give raised grain rather than cash.’
      • ‘Faith creates a positive tendency to behave charitably to others.’
      • ‘Those who envisioned themselves acting charitably were able to squeeze a hand grip significantly longer than those who didn't think about such deeds.’
      • ‘They arguably ended up doing as much for national living standards as did the charitably inclined welfare state.’
      • ‘His team found that after witnessing exceptionally altruistic acts, people are more likely to perform charitably themselves.’
      • ‘This is sometimes plausibly supportive of employment-generating development, but is sometimes less charitably motivated.’
      • ‘They were charitably inclined, and in the 1840s, Mrs. Beaufoy established a ragged school in the arches of the new railway.’
      • ‘I have lived my entire life by these precepts and they have inspired me to charitably serve this country for over 30 years.’
      • ‘The one big humanitarian reason for adherence to the market method of voluntary exchange is the desire to act charitably toward those less fortunate than oneself.’
      • ‘Why do charitably inclined people voluntarily give so little to the government?’
  • 2In a way that judges others leniently or favorably, especially when undeserved.

    ‘we charitably assume he's being satirical’
    ‘a city that might be charitably described as a work in progress’
    • ‘The public square is often a magnet for what can charitably be called scum.’
    • ‘Your version of the facts is, well, to put it charitably, "creative."’
    • ‘It's possible, I charitably suppose, for even fair-minded people not to realize how wrong they are.’
    • ‘To put it charitably, the two of you have a different work ethic.’
    • ‘Reporters who have covered him have talked about his irritation, to put it charitably, over his press coverage.’
    • ‘Much of his new decalogue could be charitably interpreted as playful recycling of mildly un-PC rectitude.’
    • ‘Others have spoken, less charitably, of a "herd of independent minds."’
    • ‘We'll charitably overlook the recent run of iffy mice and keyboards.’
    • ‘Where this falls apart is in the puzzles, which I'll charitably call "goofy java games."’
    • ‘Most of the songs on the album would most charitably be described as "failed experimentation."’