Definition of charged in English:



  • 1Having an electric charge.

    • ‘A plasma is typically a gaseous discharge containing electrons and positively charged ions.’
    • ‘Therefore for a highly charged object, the electric charge will attempt to move into the ground.’
    • ‘In a neutral atom, clouds of negatively charged electrons screen the positive nuclear charge so that atoms can approach one another.’
    • ‘The positively and negatively charged ions cause an electric field to form.’
    • ‘Our body is full of charged particles and complicated electrolytic reactions.’
    • ‘An electric field emanating from the charged red atom causes energy level shifts in the molecule, allowing current to flow.’
    • ‘For instance, within the disk, electrically charged material might pile up, triggering the disk to fragment.’
    • ‘The positively charged hydrogen atoms take up the electrons and form hydrogen gas.’
    • ‘The material that captured the electron is now negatively charged and the material that lost an electron is now positively charged.’
    • ‘On the other hand, we also studied the electrostatic properties of the charged bilayer/electrolyte interface.’
    • ‘Because the electron was negatively charged and atoms are electrically neutral, there must be a positive charge somewhere in the atom.’
    • ‘Likewise, Faraday thought that electric fields somehow manipulated charged particles with ghostly hands.’
    • ‘The universality of gravity sets it apart from, for example, the electrical forces between charged bodies.’
    • ‘Dirac's odd prediction of the existence of a positively charged electron had been confirmed by two independent experiments.’
    • ‘The isotope film becomes gradually positively charged as it loses electrons.’
    • ‘These systems break up a substance into electrically charged pieces and then interpret how the molecular fragments move.’
    • ‘Electrostatics theory tells us that there is no electric field inside a charged shell.’
    • ‘When you switch on the electricity it separates the charged particles of the enclosed gas, thus setting up a controlled lightning display.’
    • ‘The Sun emits not only sunlight but also ultraviolet light, X-rays, and a stream of charged particles, electrons, and ions.’
    tense, charged, electrifying
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    1. 1.1 Filled with excitement, tension, or emotion.
      ‘the highly charged atmosphere created by the boycott’
      • ‘How I long for the spontaneity of those social witticisms or emotionally charged exchanges.’
      • ‘A terrific British cast, working with an emotionally charged script, keeps viewers glued to the screen.’
      • ‘Then the charged atmosphere of the club, the familiar bounce and beat of the techno tune, filled him and he leaned forward to finish his drink.’
      • ‘Even though I've read the book three times so far, never once have the words conveyed the sense of excitement and the charged atmosphere that came across on film.’
      • ‘No issue is quite as emotionally charged as the issue of child abuse.’
      well supplied with, replete with, overflowing with, bursting with, brimful with, brimming with, loaded with, overloaded with, abounding in, well provided with, well stocked with, rich in, abundant in, rife with
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