Definition of charge sheet in English:

charge sheet


  • A record made in a police station of the charges against a person.

    • ‘Section 20 prohibited bail even when the prosecution failed to furnish a charge sheet after ninety days of arrest.’
    • ‘In June 2000, a charge sheet was filed in the Jodhpur court and so far, the prosecution has produced before the court, 69 out of 84 witnesses in both the cases.’
    • ‘‘Since the applicant has not yet been charged with any other crimes, this court can only deal with the charge of murder set out in the charge sheet,’ he said.’
    • ‘Lawyers said that submission of an interim charge sheet means the prosecutor expects more arrests and that police have not completed a full investigation.’
    • ‘And few commentators saw fit to recall that at Nuremberg the first count on the charge sheet against Nazi leaders was that of planning and waging aggressive war.’
    • ‘He said his client's constitutional rights were infringed upon when the trial court turned down her application for further particulars to the charge sheet.’
    • ‘None of the nine charges on the charge sheet relate to subsidised medicines.’
    • ‘The motions submitted to the Trades Union Congress for discussion at the conference in September read like a charge sheet against the government.’
    • ‘However, the charge sheet is still substantial.’
    • ‘However, the mere mention of the international criminal court in the charge sheet has led to claims that the trial is under its jurisdiction.’
    • ‘She promised to obtain a translation of the charge sheet and of the prosecutor's recommendations, which the group has yet to receive.’
    • ‘It was reported that Arbel would present a draft charge sheet to attorney general Meni Mazuz over the next few days.’
    • ‘‘The leaders are not included on the charge sheet in this particular court martial,’ Pulido said during a television interview.’
    • ‘The state was considering charging the men with terrorism and sabotage, but the National Directorate of Public Prosecutions has still to draw up a final charge sheet.’
    • ‘This has forced the state government to seek this amendment, which will enable the police to detain the accused up to 180 days before submitting the charge sheet to the court in case of heinous crimes and up to 120 days in case of minor crimes.’
    • ‘But, according to the charge sheet against the travel agents who were arrested last week, the accused committed fraud in various ways.’
    • ‘‘In a number of cases, the accused invited the complainants to live with him and in one particular case the accused paid for his schooling in East London,’ read the charge sheet.’
    • ‘He also refused to sign the charge sheet without lawyers present.’
    • ‘Empty bottles of sherry were found next to his body along with the court charge sheet.’
    • ‘Various counts of armed robbery, housebreaking with intent to rob, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, fraud and obstructing the ends of justice, are also specified on an extensive charge sheet.’


charge sheet

/ˈCHärj ˌSHēt//ˈtʃɑrdʒ ˌʃit/