Definition of charge conjugation in US English:

charge conjugation


  • The operation of changing every particle into its antiparticle.

    • ‘Very general arguments require that the combined transformations of reflection and charge conjugation and time reversal, PCT, must be a symmetry for all physical forces!’
    • ‘We examine the broken charge conjugation symmetry model in detail, and conclude that this model is unsuitable for a quantitative fitting of the experimental absorption spectrum.’
    • ‘The laws of charge conjugation and parity are part of the CPT theorem, where the T is for time.’
    • ‘CPT is the combined discrete symmetry consisting of interchanging particles and antiparticles (C, or charge conjugation), reflection in space (P, or parity), and reversal of the direction of time (T, or time reversal).’
    • ‘An important group of these are parity P, charge conjugation C and time reversal T.’