Definition of character part in US English:

character part


  • A part played by a character actor.

    • ‘Unless they're willing to humble their talents in character parts in movies, more and more major talents may turn back to the stage.’
    • ‘As before, the character parts are attacked with great relish.’
    • ‘All were character parts enjoyed by an actor who abdicated his action star throne in the mid-80s with the comment: ‘I'm not a tough guy any more.’’
    • ‘I could not have done that when I was younger so as certain doors close more character parts come in.’
    • ‘These are the men who have taken a juicy character part and turned it into a mess of bungled line deliveries, awkward gestures, and painful stuttering.’
    • ‘She excels in hard-driving contemporary ballets and in dynamic character parts.’
    • ‘With some experience as a dancer in his native land he joined Sadler's Wells Ballet in London, excelling in character parts.’
    • ‘Some old stalwarts appear in the traditional character parts but there are also some newcomers.’
    • ‘The Bournonville repertory has dozens of interesting roles for mature dancers, and assuming character parts is a natural career path for a Danish ballerina.’
    • ‘In that period, Hepburn demonstrated she was going to be a survivor in the movies, maturing into her middle years with dignity, not sliding into supporting roles, but rising up into what would be her greatest character parts.’
    • ‘He has maintained a very strong presence in movies ever since, moving from star roles to character parts, dividing his time equally between his acting and recording careers.’
    • ‘I never had the shape for juvenile leads so I've always had to play character parts.’
    • ‘During that time he has danced close to 150 roles, from which he has created a gallery of character parts that has left an indelible memory on Philadelphia balletgoers.’
    • ‘Junior chorus auditions for nine-year-olds and upwards start at 2pm; auditions for character parts and senior chorus roles follow at 3pm.’
    • ‘Rudd's fun because he has leading man good looks and charisma, but he's great in silly character parts.’
    • ‘He would turn down a leading role for a better character part.’
    • ‘Deprived of romantic lead roles because of his height, he was forced to take more interesting character parts and develop the energetic and athletic on-stage persona with which he is synonymous.’
    • ‘In hindsight, my career could have gone to these character parts earlier.’
    • ‘He trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and found plenty of work in theatre and television, but it was only in the 1990s that his occasional character parts began to coalesce into a film career.’
    • ‘When I became an actor I wanted to do edgy character parts.’


character part

/ˈker(ə)ktər pärt/