Definition of character-building in US English:


(also character-forming)


  • Requiring effort or endurance to a degree that strengthens or improves a person's character.

    ‘the national tour proved to be a tremendous character-building experience’
    ‘the character-forming benefits of National Service’
    • ‘He has been through experiences that could be considered character buildingand has emerged as a more rounded individual who knows that his time to lead the team is now or never.’
    • ‘My five day trek climbing in the Andes was certainly character-building.’
    • ‘Whilst you cheerfully remind me that situations like this are character-building, and I'm sure they are, the last eleven weeks have been extremely hard going.’
    • ‘Working for their supper will be character forming.’
    • ‘The road to her success has been long, and character-building.’
    • ‘"The past year ... let's just say it has been character-forming," says Mr Cosslett with a laugh.’
    • ‘He looks back on his seven years with Manly United as character-forming, and invaluable in terms of real-life experience.’
    • ‘School is character-building, just like rugby, chess and other contact sports.’
    • ‘Today, each stage of a child's development is catered for with a myriad of mind-stimulating, character-building, preparing-for-life toys.’
    • ‘Bell insists that those early Ashes experiences were character-forming even if personally challenging.’
    • ‘The trip I went on was rather more character-building, to say the least.’
    • ‘Bullying must be recognised as the unacceptable, antisocial behaviour that it is, and not dismissed as a jolly, character-forming part of everyone's childhood.’
    • ‘This season was certainly character-building, but we have come out the other side and are hoping for some good results in the winter.’
    • ‘Looking back, he now considers that experience character-building.’
    • ‘I simply do not believe that forcing people to take part in something that may not be suitable for them against their will is character forming.’
    • ‘Afterwards, he described coming through such a match as "character-building".’
    • ‘Coming from the guy who thinks recessions are character building, I guess this is to be expected.’
    • ‘He is a product of a harsh, character-forming, coal-mining background and never forgot where he came from.’
    • ‘I can tell members that fronting up to a country hall full of angry ratepayers and explaining one's actions is character building.’
    • ‘Cold showers, self-denial, and a daily ration of physical discomfort were considered character-forming.’