Definition of chape in US English:



  • 1historical The metal point of a scabbard.

    • ‘The scabbard occasionally had sheets of silver or gilded bronze applied to it to protect the mouth of the scabbard and the chape.’
    • ‘As it reached the chape, it was again wound tightly in several layers to protect the more regularly damaged end of the sheath.’
    • ‘Figures in the Bayeux tapestry dating from the 11th century show swords being worn in scabbards on belts around the waist, with a hanging strap preventing the chape from dragging on the ground.’
  • 2The metal pin of a buckle.

    • ‘My husband's sword pommel glittered gold, the chapes and buckles of his belts flashed silver.’


Middle English (in the general sense ‘plate of metal overlaying or trimming something’): from Old French, literally ‘cape, hood’, from late Latin cappa ‘cap’.