Definition of channel-surf in US English:



  • Change frequently from one television channel to another, using a remote control device.

    • ‘While channel-surfing a few days ago, I caught part of an interview where he claimed, ‘No matter how big the special effects are, it's all about story and character.’’
    • ‘I sat channel-surfing, trying to find something to take my mind off of the possibilities.’
    • ‘About half past eight I was lounging on the couch, channel-surfing when my doorbell rang.’
    • ‘Parker and Stone say they were hit with the inspiration while channel-surfing together over two years ago.’
    • ‘Then her husband spent the next four hours making calls and channel-surfing through CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and the local news affiliates.’
    • ‘Instead, she found Madelyn calmly channel-surfing and her father scratching his head and looking at a small slip of paper.’
    • ‘I was channel-surfing, looking at the clock rather than the programme while I waited.’
    • ‘I was innocently channel-surfing last night when I landed on a film that had just begun.’
    • ‘I probably passed it by while channel-surfing.’
    • ‘I was channel-surfing last night with the remote control in the hotel room and the two times I paused anywhere and focused were on black-and-white films.’
    • ‘I was listening to the album on headphones in my parent's car, sitting in the backseat, when my dad turned the radio on and proceeded to restlessly channel-surf.’
    • ‘While channel-surfing through the sports cable channels on TV, I noticed a lot of cheerleading and lacrosse competition coverage - more than swimming.’
    • ‘The movie version of High Fidelity passed into the cable realm not long ago, and I've run across it a number of times while channel-surfing.’
    • ‘Suffering from a bout of insomnia last night, I found myself in front of the television, channel-surfing.’
    • ‘One sleepless night Bill was channel-surfing and stumbled upon me in dialogue with one right-winger or another.’
    • ‘Linda picks up a week-old sales paper and looks through it for good coupons, while Annie turns on the TV and channel-surfs through the four stations that come in.’
    • ‘The wife and I were channel-surfing between various news sources last night.’
    • ‘Only while watching a Major League Baseball game can you constantly channel-surf and never miss a thing.’
    • ‘I was channel-surfing yesterday evening - trying to find something interesting to watch.’
    • ‘As the film jerks back and forth between the two, it's all you can do not to check that the projectionist isn't using the wrong remote to channel-surf as he's showing the film.’