Definition of changeable in US English:



  • 1Irregular; inconstant.

    ‘the weather will be changeable with rain at times’
    • ‘The weather is changeable and irregular with a risk of hurricanes, earthquakes, thunder and lightning.’
    • ‘Then for the past eight or nine months especially, I was busy with the drawing, working both up in the Comeraghs themselves but because the weather was quite changeable, also from a studio.’
    • ‘Her clinical diagnosis was just as changeable.’
    • ‘Public opinion this far before the final November vote is notoriously changeable.’
    • ‘The weather is very hot now but it is very changeable and there's been a fair amount of rain lately.’
    • ‘It is the second time the race will be there at this time of year rather than in September and high temperatures and changeable weather conditions are expected.’
    • ‘He said: ‘My mood is very changeable and this has put a huge strain on my relationship with my fiancée.’’
    • ‘However, some very changeable conditions dogged the first race of the Scottish Flying Fifteen Championships' 25-strong fleet at Loch Earn yesterday.’
    • ‘Even the changeable, uncertain winds have a pattern and a parameter.’
    • ‘But changeable wind conditions and a single erratic rain shower soon took its toll, with Carroll demoted down to sixth during a routine pitstop for new tyres.’
    • ‘With capital punishment in the news lately, American opinion on the death penalty seems particularly changeable in response to media coverage.’
    • ‘They are full of whims and fancies, changeable and unpredictable.’
    • ‘Not only that, but what we want, and who we are, is as fluid and changeable as a chameleon.’
    • ‘And obviously, we are finding his word is a very changeable thing.’
    • ‘During changeable weather, the temperature can veer from sub-Mediterranean to Siberian.’
    • ‘Because businesses operate in a highly changeable environment, they need to respond to changes in a positive fashion thus making them flexible and focused on their game plans.’
    • ‘The weather of course played a major role in the outcome in 2003, hopefully as the Grand Prix has moved to June there will not be such changeable and unpredictable conditions during the race.’
    • ‘The sea is unpredictable and difficult and changeable, all the things that filming hopefully isn't.’
    • ‘The uncertain economic climate has made the demand for products as changeable as the weather.’
    • ‘The weather can be changeable, varying between sunshine and snow.’
    variable, inconstant, varying, changing, shifting, fluctuating, irregular, erratic, wavering, vacillating, inconsistent, fluid, floating, unsteady, unfixed, uneven, unstable, unsettled, turbulent, movable, mutable, chameleon-like
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  • 2Able to change or be changed.

    • ‘Every RTC bus must be provided with a mike set and be armoured with separate slides consisting of portraits of party leaders, which can be changeable according to the situation.’
    • ‘I had a friend who worked for the Federal Govt. apparently by regulation they always bought a regular full fare, fully changeable ticket.’
    • ‘And both ‘right’ and ‘left’ are inherently relativistic and therefore changeable concepts over time.’
    • ‘I move those things that are movable, change those things that are changeable and I recognise that my actions bring about order, to whichever small degree, in what can often be a chaotic or bemusing world.’
    • ‘I have to go there next week for a meeting and blithely booked a non-refundable or changeable train ticket online from London Marylebone to Warwick…’
    • ‘The droid shifted its changeable exterior, transforming into flight mode, and barreled after the girl, rocketing above the crowd.’
    • ‘The features that Nokia added were lifestyle features such as changeable ringtones, games, and the ability to change the casing of the phone to change its colour.’
    • ‘The ruling class would prefer - no, their continued rule absolutely requires - that we believe that nothing fundamental in capitalist society is changeable.’
    • ‘To win applause from older women, St. John's design proves changeable as a kaleidoscope, with the same coat shifting its look to match denim pants and boots or skirt and formal shoes.’
    • ‘And this goes double if the insurance company does measure easily changeable behavior, such as speeding or seat belt use.’
    • ‘Assume behaviour and roles are genetic and unchangeable and they'll remain the same; assume they are changeable and you are likely to succeed in changing them.’
    • ‘By definition, gender refers to the differences between men and women that are socially construed, changeable over time and have wide variations within and between cultures.’
    • ‘The phone also comes with changeable Xpress-on covers in four unique colours: Illicit Green, Mysterious Blue, Elusive Gold and Bewildered Red.’
    • ‘Since products change and competitive conditions fluctuate, your solution must be flexible and changeable.’
    alterable, adjustable, modifiable, variable, convertible, mutable, permutable, exchangeable, interchangeable, replaceable, transposable
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