Definition of change over in US English:

change over

phrasal verb

  • Move from one system or situation to another.

    ‘crop farmers have to change over to dairy farming’
    • ‘Slowly add a little water, stirring with a wooden spoon until it forms a thick, smooth paste, then change over to an electric whisk and beat in the rest of the water.’
    • ‘I think that, if I ever buy a new computer, I shall grasp the nettle and change over to a decently powerful laptop.’
    • ‘Employers can change over to euro before that date if they choose, as long as they give prior notice to the Revenue Commissioners.’
    • ‘If we change over to the thumbnail view, then it has a max size of 100 px on a side which is about right for us in terms of limiting size.’
    • ‘And there was me thinking I'd not be changing over to my winter wardrobe until after we'd moved house.’
    • ‘Some left-handed people when pressurised to change over to the right hand also tend to develop a stutter or stammer.’
    • ‘After that you change over to synthetic oil for a small gain in power, fuel economy, and engine longevity.’
    • ‘Finally everything was ready, so he gave the command for the controller to change over to the newest version of the code.’
    • ‘So, until I was able to change over to production, I had to go to all these Critical Studies classes.’
    • ‘Each youngster got the chance to be with one business in the morning and then change over to a second one for the afternoon session.’