Definition of change color in US English:

change color


  • Blanch or flush.

    • ‘His face often changed color with anger, despair, passion and fear.’
    • ‘Andrew changed colour and his friend, who was trained in first aid, dragged him off the couch on to the floor checked his airway was clear and started administering resuscitation techniques.’
    • ‘Then he turned towards the young lady to reproach her, but saw that she had changed colour and her face was pale.’
    • ‘As he warmed to his subject his face changed colour from red to purple.’
    • ‘His face changes colour and he is visibly angry.’
    blush, redden, go pink, turn pink, go red, turn red, go crimson, turn crimson, go scarlet, turn scarlet, colour, colour up, change colour, crimson, tint, burn up
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