Definition of change-ringing in US English:



  • The ringing of sets of church bells or handbells in a constantly varying order.

    • ‘For twelve bells, the largest number used for change-ringing, the total number of possible sequences is 479,001,600 and would take 37 years and 355 days to ring at a normal ringing rate.’
    • ‘Called change-ringing bells, the music they make may not be familiar melodies, but if you listen carefully, the music they make is rhythmic and complex.’
    • ‘In English change-ringing the bell may be balanced upside down and swung through a full circle, the moment of its sounding being controlled by the ringer.’
    • ‘My main pastime for many years was change-ringing.’
    • ‘The captain of the bell ringers, Martin Davies, said: ‘A peal of 12 bells will enhance the cathedral's role as a centre of excellence for traditional change-ringing.’’