Definition of chancellorship in US English:



  • See chancellor

    • ‘Other possible allies include the Netherlands, and possibly Germany, if the centre-right Angela Merkel wins the chancellorship in a general election this autumn.’
    • ‘Whereupon President Hindenburg appointed Hitler to the chancellorship, and the Nazis started taking over.’
    • ‘Despite the criticisms voiced here and elsewhere, there is little doubt that his chancellorship so far has on balance been remarkably successful.’
    • ‘Schröder's chancellorship is coming to an end.’
    • ‘Hitler ascended to the chancellorship, suspended constitutional rights and banned all opposition political parties, sent the Brown Shirts into the streets and issued the first decrees stripping Jews of their rights.’
    • ‘But Stoiber is resolutely on the same side as the Chancellor on the Kirch issue - even though they will be rivals for the chancellorship later this year.’
    • ‘One of the greatest steps forward was made the following year, when two female students entered Beijing University under the chancellorship of Cai Yuanpei, a forceful advocate of equal education.’
    • ‘A proof of this is that he has turned down umpteen offers of vice chancellorships.’
    • ‘Prior to his chancellorship, he worked at the school for 10 years as dean, a job his professional and academic credentials helped him snag.’
    • ‘In this respect it has been a splendidly artful chancellorship that has lasted the remarkable length that it has due in large part to our gullibility and our apparent willingness to let him get away with it.’