Definition of champlevé in US English:



  • Enamelwork in which hollows made in a metal surface are filled with colored enamel.

    as modifier ‘enameling using the champlevé technique’
    • ‘In order to master this living material requiring extremely delicate handling, Piaget has used the famous technique of champlevé enamelling.’
    • ‘The incursions of invading peoples drove the Celtic enamellers westwards to Ireland, where the art of champlevé enamelling enjoyed a late flowering.’
    • ‘Some of the earliest examples of champlevé come from the Celtic period.’
    • ‘More recently, champlevé was achieved by acid etching into the metal.’
    • ‘About half the applied decoration is champlevé enamel and a further third tinning, a thin coating of a tin-rich alloy covering some or all of the brooch's surface (often erroneously described as silvering).’


French, from champ ‘field’ + levé ‘raised’.