Definition of chamfer in US English:



[with object]
  • (in carpentry) cut away (a right-angled edge or corner) to make a symmetrical sloping edge.

    ‘a neat chamfered edge’
    • ‘We're also using softer paper, with gently chamfered edges, because people told us it made their hands hurt.’
    • ‘Use the special ‘Universal’ type of tile, which is self-spacing and has several glazed chamfered edges.’
    • ‘The scribed outline on the back of the splat of this chair, set about one quarter of an inch from the edge, may have been a guide for chamfering the splat after it was sawn to shape.’
    • ‘Gimson expressed his enthusiasm for craftsmanship by his use of techniques such as chamfering with a draw knife as wheelwrights did to chamfer parts of farm wagons or tools, reducing the weight of the timber without affecting strength.’
    • ‘This explanation is flimsy, as chamfering generally involves rounding off the edges, rather than altering 70 percent of its surface area.’
    • ‘The leading edge of the cylinder was chamfered and the hammer and mainframe were case hardened.’
    • ‘The edges were whittled down a little to make a smooth handle, and the ends were chamfered.’
    • ‘The straight marlborough legs are chamfered on the inside corners to make them look less blocky and massive when viewed from an angle.’
    • ‘Processing will include turning, polishing, straightening, chamfering and precision saw cutting, SDI said.’
    • ‘The lateral surface of the dentary is strongly chamfered along the posterior half of its length.’
    • ‘As much as I enjoy ‘bench time,’ there is one step of the reloading process I utterly despise and is guaranteed to induce a bout of chest tightening anxiety - trimming, chamfering, and deburring cartridge cases.’
    • ‘Most of his stones have simple rounded tops, chamfered edges, and peculiarities in lettering.’
    • ‘Originally developed to route cracks in concrete for repairs with sealants and repair mortars, these bits make decorative V-shaped, chamfered joints possible.’
    • ‘As was customary, the inside edges of all of the legs were lightly chamfered to reduce their bulky appearance when viewed from an angle.’
    • ‘The pin hole was chamfered to aid with disassembly, and any remaining sharp edges of the frame were removed.’
    • ‘Inside the nightclub are chamfered block pedestals for mahogany-framed photographs of John Coltrane, Georges Brassens, Billy Holiday, Mohammad Abdelwahab, and other beloved musicians.’
    • ‘Soane introduced light into the interior from exterior walls by a subtle grading of the light, by using deep chamfered reveals to vertical windows.’
    • ‘The instructions told me to put the chamfered edge up; there was no chamfered edge.’
    • ‘The front corners are more chamfered, the headlights cut into the bumper, flanking a lower front grille.’
    • ‘The fixed lights are recessed even further, with their surrounding frames heavily chamfered.’


  • A symmetrical sloping surface at an edge or corner.

    • ‘The lead-in chamfer in the design compensates for any misalignment during tube insertion.’
    • ‘In addition, the edge of the splat is barely chamfered in contrast to the then nearly universal deep chamfers, which create sharp edges and eliminate any visible clue to the thickness of the board.’
    • ‘The stock was professionally made of cormier, with layout lines for the chamfers.’
    • ‘The rear screw hole had to be drilled at an angle through the top chamfer, next to the side of the throat mortise.’
    • ‘Lacking a lathe, you should be able to carefully grind a chamfer on a suitable bolt.’
    • ‘However, cutting away all the wood from the front edge of the splat to this line would have produced too sharp a chamfer.’
    • ‘This is fairly unlikely as the tool for machining the head tube cuts the chamfer and faces the top of the head tube at the same time, leaving the correct length of cylindrical section above the chamfer.’
    • ‘He says that they've tried to provide a more three-dimensional look to the rear; he points to the chamfer on the lid of the trunk as an example.’
    • ‘His planes have flat chamfers along the top and at the ends.’
    • ‘At each end of the bridge the rings are cut away to form a chamfer, to which are attached large compression yokes transferring loads to the abutments.’
    • ‘Plus, surface tension is created without resorting to lines and chamfers.’
    • ‘Both planes support wide flat chamfers and a step with a cove finished with bold gouge cuts at each end.’
    • ‘There are unfortunate chamfers on the back corners of the plan to allow for rights of light of neighbouring buildings.’
    • ‘The front edge of the cylinder is given a Colt blackpowder-style chamfer from the 1880s.’
    • ‘One of the big issues that can be overcome through the use of a turning machine in place of a grinder is the fact that the form tools ordinarily required for tapers, radii and chamfers aren't necessary for hard turning equipment.’
    • ‘In spite of this unusual method of use, the tool performed well in cutting a chamfer.’
    • ‘The planks have to be drilled and riveted together side by side with a diagonal chamfer at their ends.’
    • ‘These include, wider chamfers, a small rounded wedge finial, a length of 10 inches or more, and very bold lambs tongue chamfer ends.’
    • ‘The process can accommodate features such as countersinks, extrusions, semi-pierces, weld projections, coined chamfers, counter bores, and offsets.’
    • ‘These figures are based on models which Morris designed c.1864-66 for the painting of the ceiling chamfer in the Chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge.’


Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘flute or furrow’): back-formation from chamfering, from French chamfrain, from chant ‘edge’ (see cant) + fraint ‘broken’ (from Old French fraindre ‘break’, from Latin frangere).