Definition of chameleonic in US English:


(British chamaeleonic)


  • See chameleon

    • ‘Such are the eyes and soul of Christopher Doyle: chameleonic, shifting, thick and excessive, like the multifarious textures of the infinite spectrum of images he composes.’
    • ‘The film is full of philosophical characters from the enigmatic Mark to the chameleonic survivalist Timothy (the amazing Isaach de Bankolé).’
    • ‘Or maybe it was the fact that she projected an aura of chameleonic malleability, in his words you could ‘take her to the ballet or a biker bar, and she would fit in completely, perfectly in either environ.’’
    • ‘He's had a somewhat chameleonic career which has seen him as prog rock axe hero, fusioneer as well as a mainstream jazzer.’
    • ‘But Brooke's chameleonic ability to morph into exactly what we need him to be - that's not a skill to be tossed aside.’