Definition of chameleon-like in US English:



  • Changing one's opinions, behavior, or appearance according to the situation.

    ‘they had grown disenchanted with chameleon-like politicians’
    • ‘The chameleon-like Isle of Man has masqueraded as many real places too.’
    • ‘Sydney is definitely a great spy, if only for her chameleon-like ability to change her appearance to suit any situation.’
    • ‘Capitalism, with its chameleon-like qualities, must adapt quickly.’
    • ‘It is fascinating to watch the character of Wilde change, chameleon-like, according to the features of the surrounding landscape of his life.’
    • ‘But in addition to the physical side of his character, you also see the secretive, chameleon-like side.’
    • ‘Frightening beasts, these chameleon-like creatures are capable of transforming into any being they have seen while they have the strength to do so.’
    • ‘To camouflage their scam, the chameleon-like operators all use similar tricks.’
    • ‘In our judgment it is clear that 'premises' is a chameleon-like word which takes its meaning from its context.’
    • ‘His chameleon-like vocal style adds dimension, saving the several garden-variety rock ballads they deemed necessary to include.’
    • ‘My personality has become quite chameleon-like.’