Definition of chamberlainship in US English:



  • See chamberlain

    • ‘He exchanged the Admiralty for the chamberlainship of the Household, a post which he had asked for two years before when its holder fell ill, and he acquiesced in Somerset's assumption of the Protectorate.’
    • ‘Heton recovered his losses by 1572 but in December 1577, once again in debt, he was dismissed from the chamberlainship in circumstances which remain mysterious.’
    • ‘William de Pont de l' Arche, for example, had offered 1,000 marks for a chamberlainship and in 1129-30 he paid just 100 marks.’
    • ‘The explanation may lie in the opportunity for employment consequent upon the grant to Salisbury's son, Richard, earl of Warwick, of the chamberlainship of the Exchequer on 6 Dec.1450.’
    • ‘The village dates back to the 7th century AC, when Siena was a chamberlainship due to its strategic position.’