Definition of chamber orchestra in US English:

chamber orchestra


  • A small orchestra.

    • ‘This new CD has two works from the 1960s, Deux Preludes for flute, clarinet and bassoon and the three-movement Serenade for wind quintet and chamber orchestra.’
    • ‘There are signs of economies being made here: this venue was generally used for chamber music, and the large symphony orchestra of the first two concerts was replaced by a chamber orchestra.’
    • ‘The school has a strong music department and runs a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, and several quartets.’
    • ‘Under general director Sami Caner, the parent center also sponsors a chamber orchestra and a full-scale philharmonic orchestra.’
    • ‘Musicians from the youth chamber orchestra performed throughout the dinner.’
    • ‘Charlton Church Chamber Concerts will be launching its most ambitious concert in its five-year existence on Palm Sunday, April 4, when a chamber orchestra and choir present St John Passion in the village church.’
    • ‘The Quindectet marries a chamber orchestra of horns, woodwinds and strings with a rhythm section of guitar, bass, drums and percussion.’
    • ‘Indeed, the seats in the parquet area had to be taken out of service to accommodate the piece's spatial effects as produced by a chamber orchestra and the six soloists positioned in the audience.’
    • ‘Barshai transcribed the Eighth Quartet for chamber orchestra under the composer's supervision.’
    • ‘In both works the handling of the chamber orchestra is masterly and the scores are replete with memorable tunes.’
    • ‘Or, more tamely, let us say he tried to insist at a club where the DJs play ‘techno’ music that a chamber orchestra playing Mozart would be much more pleasant.’
    • ‘The only weak point in the engineering is the lack of distinction between the chamber orchestra in the pit and the larger orchestra in the back.’
    • ‘The work is scored for a chamber orchestra of 37 players, though the richness of Strauss's counterpoint gives an opulence of sound and texture which far removes it from the severe neo-classicism of the 1920s.’
    • ‘It is a great pity that the choir does not have an orchestra, at least a chamber orchestra, to work with, but the musicians in the pit provided great support, and I was thrilled by some of the playing, especially the steelpan and drumming.’
    • ‘I'm in a chamber orchestra playing first violin and there's this aged second violin who is just so mean to me.’
    • ‘Purists, however, might regard arranging a Schubert string quartet for chamber orchestra as a step too far.’
    • ‘The Service boasts a choir, three concert bands, a chamber orchestra, string orchestra, junior strings, a junior brass group, saxophone group and brass group.’
    • ‘Avison is best remembered for transcribing many of Domenico Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas for chamber orchestra, and that set of works has been recorded numerous times.’
    • ‘A big symphonic concerto like the Brahms might seem an odd choice for a chamber orchestra, but the string section of the SCO is so good and full-sounding that it has to be the most impressive aspect of this CD.’
    • ‘The music is laid out for what Crosse calls a Wedding Band and a chamber orchestra of horn and strings.’


chamber orchestra

/ˈtʃeɪmbər ˈɔrkəstrə/