Definition of chamber of horrors in US English:

chamber of horrors


  • An exhibit containing such gruesome displays as instruments or scenes of torture or execution.

    • ‘Apart from soldiers, private contractors also carried out ‘interrogations’ in the now notorious chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘Today, indeed, we are loath to conserve them, as each seems to constitute its own chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘Once inside, we walked through the Hollywood party scene, then through history and politics, eventually reaching the chamber of horrors, which must be the big draw here.’
    • ‘This is no chamber of horrors, just a portrait of decent men and women ministering to the afflicted.’
    • ‘The supermarket is a veritable chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘One contemplates it with the same anxiety with which one opens a chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘Don't take our word for it, however, but check out this chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘The same men who came back from Gallipoli were to brave yet another chamber of horrors, the coming hell of the Depression.’
    • ‘Each neighborhood has a variety of families and individuals already in residence, some empty houses up for sale, and vacant lots to purchase if you want to create your own castle or chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘Darting my eyes back and forth, my head too tired to move, I'm in one of the rooms we hadn't discovered yet; what appears to be some strange combination of a medical lab and a chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘Before it all came down, I'd intended to do a more in-depth look at the chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘But they're surely equally guilty in trying to induce trauma in their young audiences, indifferent to the impression these chambers of horrors have on impressionable minds.’
    • ‘I wandered around, made my choice and disappeared into the small chamber of horrors known as the fitting room.’
    • ‘For those involved it has been like an emotional rollercoaster that somehow got re-routed through the chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘Over the years, commentators have compared Dr. Koch to a sorcerer, butcher and torturer in his chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘He has marked him out with an arrow, as if this clenched and tortured image was an exhibit in the artist's chamber of horrors.’
    • ‘The general social acceptance of this situation - of prison as a chamber of horrors - chills me.’
    • ‘As a chamber of horrors it's not a bad little themed attraction, but the really scary stuff is behind a hidden door which is not open to the public for fairly obvious reasons.’
    • ‘Does she think I conduct horrific experiments on small animals in a pressurised shoebox chamber of horrors?’
    • ‘La Mama's theatre space is transformed into a disturbing chamber of horrors.’


Mid 19th century: from the name given to a room in Madame Tussaud's waxwork exhibition.


chamber of horrors

/ˈtʃeɪmbər əv/