Definition of Chamber of Deputies in US English:

Chamber of Deputies


  • The lower legislative assembly in some parliaments.

    • ‘A constitutional amendment required a two-thirds vote by the Chamber of Deputies, so Shamun and his followers had to obtain a majority in the May-June 1957 elections.’
    • ‘In the Chamber of Deputies (Brazil's lower house) the PT took 91 of 513 seats.’
    • ‘Another law, which has passed the Chamber of Deputies, states that owning a business does not constitute a conflict of interest for a prime minister as long as he or she does not run the business.’
    • ‘He was defeated at the polls in 1919, left the Socialists in 1920, but returned to the Chamber of Deputies as an independent in 1924, again representing the Parisian working-class district of Aubervilliers.’
    • ‘It won almost twenty more seats in the July 6 election for the 500-member Chamber of Deputies, Mexico's lower house.’
    • ‘One of his friends, and mathematical colleagues, was Arago who entered the Chamber of Deputies in 1831 and became leader of the Republican Party.’
    • ‘The PRD representatives in the Chamber of Deputies, blind-sided by their Senate colleagues, were unable to introduce a counterproposal and could only vote against the Senate's measure.’
    • ‘Legislative power was to be shared by the hereditary monarch, an elected Chamber of Deputies and a nominated, subsequently hereditary, Chamber of Peers.’
    • ‘In 1819 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies where he was leader of the liberal opposition until his death.’
    • ‘The legislative branch is a bicameral National Congress consisting of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.’
    • ‘Members of the Defense Committee of the Chamber of Deputies analyze the UFO problem for the first time in history.’
    • ‘From 1918 to 1924 Castelnau served in the Chamber of Deputies.’
    • ‘During his time in the Chamber of Deputies, he was associated most closely with the work of certain expert committees dealing with the abolition of slavery in the French colonies and with social and prison reform.’
    • ‘After working for the public health service, Allende won election to the national Chamber of Deputies in 1937.’
    • ‘At the same time, the resolution of the crisis confirmed the political supremacy of the Chamber of Deputies over the autocratic aspirations of the throne and thus assured Cavour greater power and freedom of action in the ensuing years.’
    • ‘Proust's request passed the Chamber of Deputies (only two votes short of unanimously) on July 13.’
    • ‘It organized lectures, brought together a colonial group in the Chamber of Deputies, and acquired influence in government circles.’
    • ‘The petitions were gathered at the workplace, and in most cases were sent to the Chamber of Deputies workshop by workshop.’
    • ‘Interesting times… President Poincaré is beaten in elections, giving the left control of the Chamber of Deputies.’
    • ‘There are two houses in the parliament: the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.’
    legislature, legislative assembly, congress, senate, chamber, house, upper house, lower house, upper chamber, lower chamber, second chamber, convocation, diet, council, assembly
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Chamber of Deputies

/ˈˌCHāmbər əv ˈdepyo͞odēz/