Definition of chamaephyte in US English:



  • A woody plant whose resting buds are on or near the ground.

    • ‘Relevant work on the nutritional value of Mediterranean therophyte and chamaephytes and their selection under grazing pressure was not found in the literature.’
    • ‘The species is a chamaephyte with vegetative survival and slow winter growth of leaves and developing inflorescences.’
    • ‘In the case of the chamaephytes, a lenient grazing pressure is indicated by the different plants.’
    • ‘The winter-leafing chamaephytes are true Mediterranean species; the summer-leafing species are Irano-Turanian or Saharo-Sindian.’
    • ‘In his classification there are five major classes, arranged according to increased protection of the renewing buds: phanerophytes, chamaephytes, hemicryptophytes, cryptophytes, and therophytes.’


Early 20th century: from Greek khamai ‘on the ground’ + -phyte.