Definition of chalk something out in US English:

chalk something out

phrasal verb

  • Sketch or plan something.

    ‘we have already chalked out the strategy for conducting raids’
    • ‘After I chalk it out, I move it inside the house and sit down and look at it for a long time.’
    • ‘What better way is there for Mos Burger to inform of the traceability of its agricultural products than a small blackboard chalking it out before your very eyes!’
    • ‘Of course the easiest way to make your own batter's box template is to just chalk it out alongside a tape measure and a level.’
    • ‘While the strategy at the think-tank level may well be in place, those who have chalked it out face the absence of a well-oiled machinery that can effectively implement it.’
    • ‘Then he used a flame template that we found on the net and chalked it out on the seat, made them as symmetrical as possible, and then he did his upholstery thing with a layer of some type of material underneath.’
    • ‘The artist begins by first drawing the scene in miniature and then chalking it out to actual dimensions on black tarpaper.’
    • ‘We are looking at increasing our presence in India and for this a clear growth map has been chalked out.’
    • ‘The formation a football manager chalks out on a blackboard can also sum up his outlook on life.’
    • ‘Instead, the concerned citizens drawn from various parts of the city were keen on chalking out ways to aid the Corporation and other agencies in the months to come.’
    • ‘The goals of this initiative are rather blurry, the details still being chalked out, but let's see where it goes.’