Definition of chalcid in US English:


(also chalcid wasp)


  • A minute parasitic wasp of a large group whose members lay eggs inside the eggs of other insects. They typically have bright metallic coloration.

    Superfamily Chalcidoidea, order Hymenoptera

    • ‘We identified a high level of mortality to stem beetles due to the attack of the chalcid.’
    • ‘All species analyzed in this study are organized according to current chalcid taxonomy.’
    • ‘The chalcid wasps that develop in fig tree inflorescences have often been used to study alternative reproductive behaviors.’
    • ‘It features unique footage of one of the world's smallest insects, a chalcid wasp known as a fairyfly.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Chalcis (genus name), from Greek khalkos ‘copper, brass’, + -id.