Definition of chairmanship in US English:



  • 1The position or office of presiding over a meeting.

    • ‘The committees have so far been holding their meetings without chairmanship.’
    • ‘The group conferred on him several of its coveted preferences—convention delegate, trustee, committee and meeting chairmanships.’
    • ‘This was good training for the string of chairmanships, negotiations, conferences, and contacts which were to follow.’
    • ‘in his absence, a vice-chairperson or senior and legal member of the organization can take the chairmanship for this meeting.’
    • ‘Chairmanship varies in every meeting’
    1. 1.1 Permanent or long-term presidency over a committee, company, or other organization.
      ‘he assumed the board chairmanship’
      ‘she was elected to the chairmanship of the company’
      • ‘The main architect of the development plan is sliding into the chairmanship of the Transportation Committee.’
      • ‘He succeeded to the chairmanship of the party in 1926.’
      • ‘I have taken over the chairmanship of the trust, and so have responsibility for one of the greatest works of collaborative scholarship of the last century.’
      • ‘This former French colony took over the chairmanship of the UN Security Council two weeks ago.’
      • ‘There are three main candidates for the chairmanship, including a retired general and a media mogul.’
      • ‘Why does he not just resign from the chairmanship?’
      • ‘He will assume the chairmanship of the board of directors.’
      • ‘He gave up the chairmanship before the privatization exercise was completed.’
      • ‘He relinquished the Armed Services chairmanship in order to head the Appropriations Committee, where he secured continued funding for the war.’
      • ‘In 1973, he ran for the chairmanship of the College Republicans organization.’
    2. 1.2 (since 1949) the office of the leading figure in the Chinese Communist Party.
  • 2The action of presiding over a meeting.

    ‘a meeting held under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor’
    • ‘The prime minister issued these instructions following a long meeting held on Thursday under her chairmanship.’
    • ‘She ceded her chairmanship of the meeting to the Chamber of Commerce director.’
    • ‘Under his chairmanship, the meeting would erupt, voices would crackle and snap, then subside into chuckles and nods.’
    • ‘She took on the chairmanship of the meeting, and invited the fellow members to proceed with the election.’
    • ‘His chairmanship of meetings was efficient and fair.’