Definition of chairborne in US English:



military slang
  • Assigned to a desk job rather than field duty.

    • ‘In this we hear the eternal conflict of chairborne and airborne, the gulf forever fixed between those who go and those who stay at home.’
    • ‘But I will not listen to the chairborne commandos who tell me that our military cannot defeat the regime.’
    • ‘While these guys are in the 82nd Airborne, you can see that what they write is sure to infuriate the patriots in the 101st Chairborne.’
    • ‘Oh, and I am a chairborne ranger, and as my husband likes to say ‘secretary’.’
    • ‘After quietly poking around in 16 Army camps and indoctrination centers, the Senate Preparedness subcommittee this week concluded that the Armed Forces still have too many chairborne troops.’