Definition of chain-link in US English:



  • attributive Made of wire in a diamond-shaped mesh.

    ‘a chain-link fence’
    • ‘Your place of residence for the next 16 months is a maze of chain-link fences, razor wire and guard towers.’
    • ‘But now chain-link fences topped with razor wire snake over the low hills, keeping them out of their ancestral lands.’
    • ‘Sprawling refineries hide behind chain-link fences topped with razor wire and guards at the exits.’
    • ‘Halfway down a chain-link topped with barbed wire separated us from the south end of the grounds.’
    • ‘Before long, these one-metre-high solid slabs will be topped with another two metres of chain-link fence.’
    • ‘Reportedly, the creature had leapt over the chain-link fence, topped with barbed wire, to get to the chickens inside.’
    • ‘She walked down a gravel drive towards a gate in the chain-link and barbed wire fence.’
    • ‘Little boys line the chain-link fence bordering the lot.’
    • ‘Down at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue and Esplanade, behind a chain-link fence, the bones of the old Versatile Pacific Shipyard buildings are a stark reminder of the past.’
    • ‘Seabound exit from the cult compound was blocked by half a mile of chain-link fence, topped with razor wire.’
    • ‘A high chain-link fence crowned with barbed wire surrounds them.’
    • ‘The prisoners, in their bright orange jumpsuits, are guarded by a maze of chain-link fences, razor wire and towers.’
    • ‘The van enters past a checkpoint manned 24/7 in a gate on a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire.’
    • ‘It's a plain old rectangular pool, 50 feet by 100 feet, surrounded by a concrete deck and a chain-link fence.’
    • ‘The car stopped when it hit a telephone pole - wrapped in barbed wire and chain-link fence.’
    • ‘In the space between the vacant visitors' center and the training center sits a dead vegetable garden surrounded by a chain-link fence.’
    • ‘The path was narrow and badly lit, often wound between spray-painted or high chain-link fences and almost no-one else was using it.’
    • ‘It's a tall, chain-link fence with vertical rows of white slats.’
    • ‘The current chain-link fence at the bottom of a slope, running along the property, which is on parkland, she said, is old and needs to be replaced.’
    • ‘I enjoyed my last glimpse of the place for a while as the sun set over the coils of barbed wire atop the chain-link fence.’