Definition of chai in US English:



  • A type of Indian tea, made especially by boiling the tea leaves with milk, sugar, and cardamom.

    • ‘A simpler preparation for chai or peppermint tea also brought family and neighbours together.’
    • ‘Waking up to the smell of burning wood every morning with Amma at the chulha, handing out the morning chai to everyone… brushing your teeth could wait.’
    • ‘Green tea, jasmine tea and chai may soothe the body, but try Chinese bamboo wind chimes for that friend who needs some peace of mind.’
    • ‘Kim, Emma and Amity are there, and we sit on the floor in Angel's dim kitchen sipping warm spicy chai and soy milk.’
    • ‘It was the shepherd families I had met, sitting cross-legged in their mountain huts, eating sour milk balls and drinking chai.’


A term in various Indian languages.