Definition of Chablis in US English:



  • A dry white burgundy wine from Chablis in eastern France.

    • ‘Three house blends are available for tasting: Chablis, grape juice and honey, and white wine.’
    • ‘Made in a fantastic year for white Burgundy, this organically-farmed Chardonnay is what great unoaked Chablis should be all about.’
    • ‘Burgundy, Chablis and Champagne from California are openly sold in restaurants throughout the US.’
    • ‘Why does cranberry go with turkey, or Chablis with oysters?’
    • ‘These include the house white at £9.50 a bottle, Chablis at £16.50 and Chateauneuf du pape at £22 for that special occasion.’
    • ‘Oh no, the thought has just struck me, if the Salvation Army is there and they will be, there'll be no Rioja or Chablis, no Claret with dinner, and a social summer afternoon beer in Heaven's garden will be outlawed.’
    • ‘The Chablis from Domaine Larroche, France, came next and was followed by a Chardonnay from Montes, Chile.’
    • ‘Their Chardonnay wines remind one of well made Chablis, with a hint of California fruit at the finish.’
    • ‘I was getting ulcers trying to decide if this Sancerre or that Chablis would be exactly right with the first course.’
    • ‘I love unoaked Chablis, but I still think that new or nearly new barrel fermentation is what distinguishes most of the greatest white Burgundies.’
    • ‘I like Sancerres and Sauvignon Blancs and crisp Chablis with simply cooked fish.’
    • ‘Chardonnays, other than Chablis or those from New Zealand, tend to be low on acidity.’
    • ‘While March saw the commencement of relaxed wine labelling laws, simply having the word Chardonnay on a bottle of Chablis or Meursault will not bring the necessary changes.’
    • ‘Italian Chianti's are made with sangiovese grapes, and French Chablis are made from chardonnay grapes.’
    • ‘In 1973, he launched Sommeliers, a series of wine glasses that were custom-made for Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chablis, and so on.’
    • ‘It's full of post-work bankers, lawyers and hipsters in suits and polo necks, most of them checking out the beauties sipping glasses of Graves and Chablis by the bar.’
    • ‘The French wine selection features some good Chablis, Chardonnay, and Beuajolais, which can complement most food.’
    • ‘Bordeaux, Burgundy and champagne are generally over-priced, as are Sancerre, Chablis, Rioja, Barolo and almost anything from the United States.’
    • ‘Gastronomically, he compared Stella to a light red or dry white wine, Hoegaarden like a dry white wine with a sour note, such as a Chablis, Muscadet or Sauvignon Blanc.’
    • ‘Its natural appearance is a dry, high acid white wine with aromas ranging from lilies to basil, and a flavor and texture that can remind one of Chablis.’