Definition of CFL in US English:



  • 1Compact fluorescent light (or lamp).

    • ‘After 122 years, Thomas Edison's incandescent electric lightbulb is yielding to a more energy-efficient bulb: the compact fluorescent light (CFL).’
    • ‘Choose a CFL that's one-fourth of the wattage of your old incandescent bulb.’
    • ‘They require no special wiring or sockets; just unscrew your old incandescent bulb, screw in a new CFL, and start saving kilowatt hours.’
    • ‘Although a CFL bulb may cost $10 and an incandescent bulb only 75 cents, consumers who leave their lights on for four hours a day will realize a $5.85 savings after the second year.’
    • ‘CFL bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, so it's important they be recycled properly.’
    • ‘CFL flood lamps, reflectors, dimmable bulbs, bug lights, decor globes, candelabras, and three-way bulbs are direct replacements for their incandescent counterparts.’
    • ‘The compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) has revolutionized people's perceptions of fluorescent light by moving away from awkward tube fixtures and glare-prone light.’
    • ‘A 15-watt CFL bulb yields as much light as a 75-watt incandescent.’
    • ‘Replace the light bulbs in your highest-usage lights with CFL bulbs.’
    • ‘A CFL can replace an incandescent bulb with up to four times its wattage, resulting in a 75 percent energy savings.’
  • 2Canadian Football League.

    • ‘The B.C. Lions of the CFL will host this year's kickoff events at the Shrum Bowl.’
    • ‘The CFL and NFL have the same rule, giving major penalties (15 yards) for needlessly attacking the kicker within a five-yard radius.’
    • ‘The CFL doesn't leave fans arguing over who is at fault for ridiculous player salaries, outrageous profits or the viability of small-market teams.’
    • ‘No one loves their CFL team as much as the citizens of Saskatchewan.’
    • ‘CFL talent has increased his appreciation for the Canadian sport.’
    • ‘His father, Jack, a successful contractor, played centre for the CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats in the forties.’
    • ‘The CFL proves that a sports league where no one is in it for the money can thrive in an entertainment-jaded age.’
    • ‘Going to Sundance to promote Canadian film is a bit like going to the Super Bowl to promote the CFL.’
    • ‘The Alouettes are attempting to become just the second team in CFL history to finish with a perfect record.’
    • ‘The first official CFL game was played on Thursday, August 14, 1958, between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Edmonton Eskimos in front of 18,206 spectators.’