Definition of certified public accountant in US English:

certified public accountant

(also CPA)


  • A member of an officially accredited professional body of accountants.

    • ‘Texas law requires certified public accountants to hold state licenses.’
    • ‘From the previous commentary: ‘The AICPA is chartered to further accountancy and to benefit certified public accountants, not non-CPAs.’’
    • ‘He's a certified public accountant with bachelor's degrees in political science and business administration from the University of Florida and Stetson University, and an MBA from Stetson.’
    • ‘The AICPA by-laws provide for the process by which societies of certified public accountants in each state are to provide the names of suggested candidates to fill AICPA Council vacancies that may arise in the coming year.’
    • ‘At the same time, it may not come as a surprise that many chief financial officers are business school graduates, not certified public accountants.’
    • ‘What is required for the job is an accounting degree and a license as a certified public accountant.’
    • ‘Two of the members must be or have been certified public accountants, and the remaining three must not be and cannot have been CPAs.’
    • ‘Kirkland says Stewart may be missing some deductions she is entitled to by trying to economize on her tax preparation; she needs to hire a certified public accountant.’
    • ‘Enter Thomas, a certified public accountant and former hospital director at Chicago's John H. Stroger Hospital.’
    • ‘Dasburg is an attorney who has never practiced law and an accountant who worked only briefly as a certified public accountant.’
    • ‘We are certified public accountants, which recognizes that CPAs provide the public with information that is fairly presented and may be relied upon by others for important financial decisions.’
    • ‘The American Institute of certified public accountants has a Website at that covers the tax issue from various angles.’
    • ‘Or should he return to Japan, his homeland, and try his luck as an independent management consultant in a place where that term - when used at all - can connote a certified public accountant?’
    • ‘As a certified public accountant, I was taught that value is what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller.’
    • ‘Everyone of these companies needs the services of a certified public accountant.’
    • ‘As a certified public accountant, I appreciate the value of net worth, which is the excess of the ‘fair market value’ of one's assets minus all liabilities.’
    • ‘Dedicated to improving her fortunes, Paul recently took the exam to become a certified public accountant.’
    • ‘Scherping, a certified public accountant and former internal auditor for a large copper company, was a detail-oriented person, an experienced trouble-spotter who prided herself on her ability to anticipate and deflect danger.’
    • ‘I used to work in an office as a certified public accountant and know firsthand of the care that was taken with clients' personal information.’
    • ‘Buyers included lawyers, sales organizations, certified public accountants, Realtors, sales training organizations, insurance companies, a food brokerage and financial planners.’


certified public accountant

/ˈsərdəˌfaɪd ˈpəblɪk əˈkaʊn(t)ənt//ˈsərdəˌfīd ˈpəblik əˈkoun(t)ənt/