Definition of cereopsis goose in US English:

cereopsis goose


  • another term for Cape Barren goose
    • ‘Can anyone elaborate on the breeding requirements of cereopsis geese, mainly what would be the most optimal / natural set up, and best diet.’
    • ‘The next enhancement to our security system will be a pair of Cape Barren's (Cereopsis) geese from Australia.’
    • ‘Such birds as Cereopsis Geese, Coscoroba Swans, and I am sure there are others too, can be reliably sexed by voice if you are sexing them at the stage in their lives when they make adequate noise for you to compare their voices.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Cereopsis (genus name), from Greek kerinos ‘waxen’ + opsis ‘face’ (because of its cere).


cereopsis goose

/ˌsirēˈäpsəs ɡo͞os/