Definition of Cerenkov radiation in US English:

Cerenkov radiation

(also Cherenkov radiation)


  • Electromagnetic radiation emitted by particles moving through a medium at speeds greater than that of light in the same medium.

    • ‘By accurately reconstructing a muon's track from the arrival times of its Cerenkov radiation at several modules, the neutrino that created it can be traced back to its area of origin.’
    • ‘When neutrinos passing through the heavy water interact with deuterium nuclei, flashes of light, called Cerenkov radiation, are emitted.’
    • ‘To clarify your question a little, only electrically charged particles emit Cerenkov radiation.’
    • ‘Neutrinos bouncing off of electrons would also produce Cherenkov radiation at lower energies, so Koshiba modified the design.’
    • ‘This leads to some very interesting consequences, such as the reversal of the Doppler shift for radiation, and the reversal of Cherenkov radiation.’