Definition of cerebroside in US English:



  • Any of a group of complex lipids present in the sheaths of nerve fibers.

    • ‘They thus suggested that the iron in Gaucher cells arose from erythrophagocytosis and that the erythrocyte was the source of cerebroside in the Gaucher cells.’
    • ‘Globosides represent cerebrosides that contain additional carbohydrates, predominantly galactose, glucose or GalNAc.’
    • ‘The members of this family hydrolyze sulfate ester bonds of a variety of compounds, including mucopolysaccharides, cerebrosides, and steroids.’
    • ‘The formation of domains by cerebrosides has been found to be only weakly influenced by the presence of cholesterol.’
    • ‘The amide linkage resides in a region of low dielectric constant, according to available structural data on ceramides and cerebrosides which further promotes the formation of strong hydrogen bonds.’


Late 19th century: from Latin cerebrum ‘brain’ + -ose + -ide.