Definition of cereal bar in US English:

cereal bar


  • A prepackaged food item similar in shape to a candy bar, made of breakfast cereal and, typically, fruit.

    • ‘The fattiest cereal bars had 18.2 g of fat compared with 0.5 g in the least fatty.’
    • ‘She ran into the kitchen, grabbed a coke, and some cereal bars to go.’
    • ‘The fruit's dry pulp will be sold as an ingredient in smoothies and cereal bars.’
    • ‘Anyone staying for supervised study is given a fruit drink, a cereal bar and fruit.’
    • ‘Snacks like trail mix, dried fruits, nuts, sports bars and cereal bars can help keep your electrolytes balanced, especially on hot days when you sweat a lot.’
    • ‘Read the labels carefully, and look for cereal bars made from whole grain and low in fat.’
    • ‘His anxious mother is now sending food parcels containing beef burgers, beans, fruit and cereal bars to feed him.’
    • ‘And tests on over 100 different cereal bars revealed as many as nine bars of certain types were needed to get as much protein as in a bowl of cereal.’
    • ‘A cereal bar or sandwich offers a more sustained release of energy than a sugary drink or snack.’
    • ‘All runners will get a medal, a bottle of water and a cereal bar at the finish line.’
    • ‘I touched the screen for more choices and picked a cereal bar.’
    • ‘When you go to the movies, take along a fat-free cereal bar or marshmallow bar or granola bar.’
    • ‘Some countries may not allow certain fresh foods through customs and cereal bars, crisps and biscuits may be more appropriate to carry.’
    • ‘I prefer to have a decent cooked breakfast before I set out, and take things like crisps, cereal bars and chocolate.’
    • ‘He shows us how to get the right mix of sweet and sour for his marinated pork chop and explains why his honey-coated cereal bars are a great energy booster.’
    • ‘Main meals are either started or concluded with a cereal bar, depending on how greedy I feel.’
    • ‘I grabbed my books and a cereal bar, and then walked out into the cool dawn air.’
    • ‘When they got out of the car Alysha threw them each a cereal bar.’
    • ‘Choose foods with a set portion size, such as a cereal bar or an individual packet of instant oatmeal.’
    • ‘Finish that cereal bar first, she said.’