Definition of cercopithecoid in US English:



  • A primate of a group that comprises the Old World monkeys.

    Superfamily Cercopithecoidea and family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘Jablonski also provides an in-depth discussion of the radiation and paleoecology of Neogene cercopithecoids, highlighting the adaptations of extant and extinct Old World monkeys to a diverse range of niches.’
    • ‘Our data set was comprised of eight species: a Platyrrhini, the white-fronted capuchin monkey, two cercopithecoids: the Barbary macaque and the hamadryas baboon, four hominoids and an outgroup sequence.’
    • ‘Fossils of the earliest hominoids (21 million years ago) and the cercopithecoids (Old World monkeys; 19 million years ago) are known from the early Miocene.’


  • Relating to cercopithecoid monkeys.

    • ‘The C 1 calibration was based on the estimated ages of the three earliest putative cercopithecoid and hominoid fossils.’
    • ‘Primers were designed from conserved regions of the cercopithecoid and human sequences in the public databases.’
    • ‘The same situation is encountered at the 3’ splice site of cercopithecoid Old World monkeys (OWMs).’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Cercopithecoidea, based on Greek kerkopithēkos, a long-tailed monkey (from kerkos ‘tail’ + pithēkos ‘ape’).