Definition of cercopithecine in US English:



  • An Old World monkey of a group that includes the macaques, mangabeys, baboons, and guenons.

    Subfamily Cercopithecinae, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘Notably, the postcrania of these fossil cercopithecines and colobines are quite similar (unlike the situation today) and suggest semi-terrestrial habits.’
    • ‘The two top models differ in class allocation for a single branch - the ancestor of colobines and cercopithecines.’
    • ‘A lot more is known about cercopithecines, such as macaques, baboons and vervets, because many of them are ground-dwelling monkeys which are relatively easy to study.’
    • ‘There were five primate lineages studied here: hominoids, colobines, cercopithecines, platyrrhines (New World monkeys), and lemurs.’
    • ‘It appears that mandrill groups are based on stable matrilines, with female philopatry and dispersing males, as in the majority of cercopithecines.’


From modern Latin Cercopithecinae (plural), based on Greek kerkopithēkos ‘long-tailed monkey’, from kerkos ‘tail’ + pithēkos ‘ape’.