Definition of cerclage in US English:



  • The use of a ring or loop to bind together the ends of an obliquely fractured bone or encircle the opening of a malfunctioning cervix.

    • ‘A Cochrane Collaboration review completed in 2002 identified six relevant trials, four of which studied the effect of cerclage versus no cerclage in preventing preterm delivery.’
    • ‘Reports conflict over the value of prophylactic, therapeutic, or rescue cervical cerclage for women at risk of preterm labour because of cervical incompetence.’
    • ‘No randomized studies have shown that use of tocolytic therapy after cerclage is effective.’
    • ‘Cervical change noted before fetal viability is a better indication for cerclage than if it is identified after fetal viability has been achieved.’
    • ‘Those with a history of multiple gestations, ruptured membranes, history of cervical cerclage, signs of preterm labor or serious medical problems were excluded.’


Early 20th century: from French, literally ‘encirclement’.