Definition of cephalopod in US English:



  • An active predatory mollusk of the large class Cephalopoda, such as an octopus or squid.

    • ‘In contrast, the Frasnian / Famennian boundary did not mark a major extinction event for stemmed echinoderms as it did for corals, brachiopods, and cephalopods.’
    • ‘The invasion was not limited to brachiopods but also included bryozoans, cephalopods, corals, bivalves, gastropods, trilobites, and crinoids.’
    • ‘Corals, conodonts, bivalves, brachiopods and cephalopods have comparable intracratonic distribution patterns.’
    • ‘During this period the gastropods, like the cephalopods, underwent a tremendous evolutionary radiation.’
    • ‘A typical marine community consisted of these animals, plus red and green algae, primitive fish, cephalopods, corals, crinoids, and gastropods.’