Definition of centrosphere in US English:



  • 1Biology
    A region of clear, differentiated cytoplasm from which the asters extend during cell division and containing the centriole(s) if present.

    • ‘The cytoplasmic alterations include: increase in the number of ribosomes, extensive proliferation of smooth membranes at the centrosphere of infected cells, appearance of electron-dense bodies, and decrease in number and swelling of mitochondria.’
    • ‘The decisive point is that the chromosomes are bilateral, and can be related to only two centrospheres.’
    • ‘Our work during the past 18 years suggests that the centrosphere is the cellular location of an integrative system that controls cell motility.’
    • ‘In addition to that in the centrosphere, numerous other well developed Golgi complexes are found elsewhere in the cytoplasm.’
  • 2Geology
    The central or inner part of the earth.

    • ‘Of fundamental importance here is the extent to which magma, which after being heated by the centrosphere rises and thus causes dominant processes, such as drifting-apart of continents and orogenesis, triggers climatic and sea level fluctuations as well.’
    • ‘The substances brought within the reach of observation in veinstones, in lavas, and hypogene rocks - by the action of water as a solvent and sublimant - warrant the belief that the centrosphere is largely made up of metals and metalloids with imprisoned gases.’
    • ‘To find out how and why Earth became a habitable planet, we are studying what happens inside it, at depths of more than 1,000 km, and also in the area between the core-mantle boundary and the centrosphere.’