Definition of centripetally in US English:



  • See centripetal

    • ‘The floral organ differentiation occurs centripetally and is initiated with the differentiation of the abaxial tepal primordium (sepals and petals can not be differentiated), followed by the other tepal primordia.’
    • ‘In the mid-septal zone of Quenstedtiphyllia fritschi, calcification centers are separated, and the septa are built of serially arranged trabeculae that are oriented centripetally.’
    • ‘Like rivers, which inevitably flow outward to the sea, power is constantly extended and refracted towards the far reaches of the island rather than cohering centripetally around the monarch.’
    • ‘These erosion rooms are surrounded by reconstructed osteonal tissues that are deposited centripetally.’
    • ‘The circle advances centripetally, in some instances internalizing the still-dilated VLD membrane, in others, causing it to shrink and disappear.’