Definition of centrifugally in US English:



  • See centrifugal

    • ‘Bundle sheath chloroplasts are more elliptical in shape than those of the mesophyll cells and are arranged centrifugally within the cell, in contact with the cell wall that is adjacent to the mesophyll.’
    • ‘It begins as a small red papule at the site of the bite, expanding centrifugally over days to weeks.’
    • ‘This patient's condition is characterized by nonindurated, annular patches of centrifugally expanding erythema and desquamation at the inner margin.’
    • ‘The tin bronzes, as for chill casting, are suitable for centrifugal casting and, in addition, the high tensile brasses and aluminum bronzes may be centrifugally cast.’
    • ‘Research suggests that erythema migrans most commonly presents as a centrifugally expanding, erythematous annular patch.’