Definition of centrally in US English:



  • 1In or toward the middle of something.

    ‘rounded petals blossom from a centrally placed flower’
    • ‘The riser card is placed in a connector arranged on the side of the motherboard rather than in a connector arranged centrally of the motherboard.’
    • ‘If you're using only one item in the coat of arms, it would probably be placed centrally.’
    • ‘The famous centrally located inertialess tracker-mouse in the middle of the keyboard is available for some models.’
    • ‘It was intended to mount five Fs beneath its fuselage and wings on hard points with a sixth F being centrally fixed directly to the aircraft above it.’
    • ‘The keyboard is centrally positioned, unlike the chassis that has a numeric pad squeezed in on the right.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is accessible from a variety of places.
      ‘the charming and centrally located village’
      • ‘A key feature of the plan was the centrally located sunroom.’
      • ‘These awards offer all-expenses-paid residencies in superb modern studios in the centrally situated school in Rome.’
      • ‘The site was centrally located in what was the 1884 version of the Greater Toronto Area.’
      • ‘I could take a taxi, or one of seven subway lines to centrally located Penn Station.’
      • ‘The resort is centrally located to many wineries and other attractions, such as golf, horseback riding, sport fishing, and hiking.’
      • ‘The building is centrally located in the marina district within the extended downtown area.’
      • ‘Centrally located, it is just steps from Michigan Avenue.’
      • ‘This centrally located inn has 26 uncluttered rooms, some with patios looking out on the plaza.’
      • ‘Juneau always frets that bigger, more centrally located Anchorage will steal its capital position.’
      • ‘The builder added a new set of French doors that open to a centrally located home office.’
  • 2With the greatest importance or significance; essentially.

    ‘a clear recognition of how centrally important the ports are to sustaining economic growth’
    • ‘This recognition brings women more centrally into the history of urban environmental activism.’
    • ‘These recent novels and memoirs figure their narratives of origin as centrally connected to the 1915 genocide.’
    • ‘The bureau is centrally interested in establishing a standard of "immutability" as a defining feature.’
    • ‘The distinctive history of these areas south and east of Rome is centrally important to understanding Italian-American culture and literature.’
    • ‘His influential essay relies centrally on the fact that sensations are transmitted from Walter's body to the reader's.’
    • ‘He is centrally concerned with how visions of national parks, aesthetic preferences, and views of appropriate nature-culture relations change over time.’
    • ‘While the treat was not centrally concerned with development, it did recognize the "special and differential status" of the developing countries.’
    • ‘So this is a centrally important part of the government's whole-of-government approach to protecting the environment.’
    • ‘I do not suggest that black literary criticism since the 1950s has neglected to produce analyses that also centrally consider class.’
    • ‘In more than 12 years, it has published one article explicitly on a minority writer and one that is centrally concerned with issues of race.’
    1. 2.1 From or by a central organization or system.
      ‘key business strategies are organized centrally’
      • ‘The equipment would allow for clients to make phone calls from their rooms but be billed centrally at the front office desk.’
      • ‘Authorization processes and profiles can be managed and audited centrally, meaning that anomalies and abuses are identified more easily.’
      • ‘By centrally monitoring what these devices can access, store, and process, an organization can safely and effectively manage its mobile workforce.’
      • ‘Backup tapes become the only centrally controlled and available archive of message stores.’
      • ‘Only an IPS device can provide the any-to-any connectivity required to bring these diverse storage topologies together, so they can be managed centrally.’
      • ‘The technologies behind global storage networks will help equip storage service providers to offer these services from centrally hosted sites.’
      • ‘Users can store passwords for other applications centrally and securely, thus removing the need to remember countless passwords.’
      • ‘These networks are catapulting to popularity as the architecture of choice for centrally managed network storage tasks.’
      • ‘Wherever they're delivering the care, they want to record the information and have it stored centrally.’
      • ‘The ability to centrally administer a broad expanse of storage with the same tools and procedures can reduce administrative costs.’