Definition of central city in US English:

central city


  • A heavily populated city at the center of a large metropolitan area.

    • ‘This suggests that the population of older central cities may turn out to be higher than anticipated.’
    • ‘Cameras have been installed in the central city by the City Council to help reduce crime and promote public safety.’
    • ‘Thus, when the word urban is used it describes not only the central city but also an entire metropolitan area.’
    • ‘This study covered 40 metropolitan areas chosen to represent areas with central cities that were at least 11 percent black.’
    • ‘In fact, most of the growth in many big metropolitan regions nationwide is taking place far from the central cities and their hip urban culture.’
    • ‘In another emerging trend of population change in metropolitan areas, many larger central cities went through a rebound of population growth in the 1980s, despite the loss of population during the previous decade.’
    • ‘The downtown of the central city in the metropolitan area is Center 1 in each case.’
    • ‘Construction continues on infrastructure that is making the Pudong New Area bigger than Shanghai's central city.’
    • ‘This suggests that when suburban crime rates increase, some white residents living in suburban areas decide to move into the central cities in the same metropolitan area.’
    • ‘The trend was clear-after the mid-century mark, metropolitan growth in the older industrial cities was almost entirely a suburban phenomenon as the central cities deconcentrated.’
    • ‘Given this close link between a central city and its suburban fringe in a metropolitan area, research on population change in central cities or their suburbs no longer can ignore the impact of spatial proximity.’
    • ‘A typical metropolitan region in the United States consists of a central city of several hundred thousand residents plus sprawling suburbs.’
    • ‘Whereas the nineteenth-century central cities witnessed rapid population growth and economic development, the highest rates of population and economic growth in the late twentieth century occurred in suburban areas.’
    • ‘Most African Americans also continue to live inside the central cities of metropolitan areas.’
    • ‘The central city consists of basic amenities you would expect to see in any city, but its charm lies in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘By this time, twenty five years after it was founded, the population of the central city alone was 12,000.’
    • ‘And the incredible growth of sprawl around the central city has bypassed the traditional pattern of gentrification.’
    • ‘Those ideas may not be too far fetched when you consider that many streets in Lower Riccarton have Scottish names while those in the central city area all have names of English origin.’
    • ‘Individuals located in non-metro areas are more likely to eat pork than individuals located in central cities or suburban areas.’
    • ‘Neither the number in poverty nor the poverty rate changed in central cities or outside metropolitan areas.’