Definition of centerpiece in English:



  • 1A decorative piece or display placed in the middle of a dining or serving table.

    • ‘Use patterned glasses for impromptu vases, creating centerpieces or table displays with an assortment of styles and sizes.’
    • ‘In the middle of the table was a centerpiece put together with white roses.’
    • ‘In fact, if you want to leave us some instructions we would be happy to place the centerpieces on the tables after we dress them.’
    • ‘Although any aromatic herb is ideal for holiday decorations, wreaths, and table centerpieces, the following three have biblical links with Christmas.’
    • ‘A few other ideas using persimmons include making wonderful centerpieces for a holiday table, as they are very ornamental with a pleasing shape and vivid color.’
    • ‘The large memory boxes are ideal for use as a conversational piece on a coffee table or an eye-catching centerpiece.’
    • ‘The kids will have fun and will be less distracting if there was a more traditional centerpiece on the table.’
    • ‘Setting the platter down as the table centerpiece, the cook returned to the kitchen to bring out stale bread and cheap wine.’
    • ‘She decided that once she had made her full circle, she would return to the parlor and make a lovely bouquet for a table centerpiece.’
    • ‘Noelle lifted her eyes from the table's centerpiece, a flower display.’
    • ‘Partially fill a plastic cauldron with hot water, and then add dry ice and a glow stick to create an eerie centerpiece for your table.’
    • ‘Tuck a few little eggs in the middle, and display as a centerpiece or on a mantel.’
    • ‘During the baroque period, when the dining table was elaborately decorated, candy bowls and vessels such as this were displayed around large centerpieces or placed on special stands.’
    • ‘Set a number of bundles in a large wooden bread bowl and display at the entry or as a table centerpiece.’
    • ‘The table centerpieces will be a unique arrangement of berries, leaves and roses.’
    • ‘When you're making a special gift bouquet or dinner party centerpiece, it's worthwhile to follow the rules.’
    • ‘These are very easy to make and they make wonderful table centerpieces.’
    • ‘There was a very large artistic flower centerpiece on the head table.’
    • ‘The tablecloths were white, and a small lamp with a dark shade sat in the middle of the table as a centerpiece.’
    • ‘Online baby shower stores will carry table centerpieces of a much wider variety than the local merchants.’
    1. 1.1 An item or issue intended to be a focus of attention.
      ‘the tower is the centerpiece of the park’
      • ‘You can use towels or blankets to wrap around the outside of each layer and add a teddy bear or other centerpiece on top of the diaper cake.’
      • ‘About 50 photographs donated by Bartholdi's widow in 1907, as well as two models of the Gaget and Gauthier workshop where Lady Liberty was built, are the centrepieces of the display.’
      • ‘There was an exhibition on at the time, a collection of paintings by Titian, the centrepieces of which were, I believe, Ecce Homo and Christ Crowned With Thorns.’
      • ‘Set in the middle of an enormous national park, its centrepiece is a beautiful castle so big it takes up a whole island all of its own.’
      • ‘The temple forms the centrepiece of the Jain Community Centre, which opened last year.’
      • ‘On Saturday, a peace candle will be the centrepiece of a sanctuary in Spinks Park.’
      • ‘The skull of a woolly mammoth found in a Wiltshire gravel pit will form the centrepiece of a new education centre.’
      • ‘I stood there for what seemed like hours selecting each cuff and each jeweled centerpiece that would adorn it.’
      • ‘The centerpiece of the display is an exquisite turquoise and silver concha belt.’
      • ‘Glittering snow globes delight children and adults alike, while individual ornaments ranging from three to 12 inches high provide dazzling centrepieces.’
      • ‘I opened it and found a silver necklace with a Moon Stone centerpiece.’
      • ‘Around this centerpiece was a small area of smooth marble tile, reaching out a few feet towards the beauty of the garden.’
      • ‘The centrepiece of the restored park will be a central focal point, where a variety of community events can be held.’
      highlight, main feature, high point, high spot, best part, climax
      focus of attention, focal point, centre of attention, centre of interest, magnet, cynosure
      most prominent element, central component, nucleus, heart, core, hub, kernel
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